Child Informed Mediation Process (CIMP)


CIMP is a process that provides parents with insight into their children’s current world and gives children a voice in the parents' negotiations. In certain cases, the mediator, together with the parents, will make an assessment that CIMP is suitable and that both parents agree to the children participating in the process.

The process does not empower children to have decision making capacity but rather allows parents to hear their children’s emotions and voices before making decisions about the care of the children. CIMP gives parents an opportunity to nut out, together with the child consultant and the mediator, arrangements that are tailor made for their children based their individual developmental needs.


If parents are not able to reach an agreement in relation to the care of the children at mediation, the mediator may suggest CIMP. If it is agreed to have CIMP, both parents are contacted by the child consultant and will have either a telephone or face to face consultation with the child consultant.

Each child is then assessed by the child consultant at a one-off session lasting 1 to 1.5 hours. The child consultant attends the next mediation session with the parents and provides feedback to them about the children’s current world, their thoughts, emotions and wishes. This feedback then assists parents to make better decisions about the care of their children.