photo of mediator discussing documents with couple

Vanessa Simon Mediation provides clients with practical assistance to resolve their disputes and to manage conflict that has arisen as a result of separation and divorce.

Conflict areas that are managed and resolved through FDR include but are not limited to:

  • divorce and divorce process management;

  • post-separation parenting;

  • development of parenting plans (including all aspects of the children's long term care, welfare and development with a focus on co-operative parenting);

  • child-informed mediation practice (CIMP);

  • child support issues and the formulation of child support agreements;

  • spousal maintenance;

  • management of changing family dynamics, eg. new partners/relationships; and

  • domestic relationship breakdowns (heterosexual and same sex relationships).

  • property settlement / division of assets and liabilities; and

  • financial agreements.

  • LGBT relationship breakdowns