Why Us

Vanessa Simon began her career as a family law solicitor in 1991 and has 12 years of experience as a family dispute resolution practitioner / mediator. She provides clients with practical assistance to resolve their disputes and to manage conflict resulting from separation and divorce.

Vanessa's focus is to assist parents to develop parenting plans that are in the best interests of children, providing Section 60I Certificates and assisting in financial settlements when required.

She ensures this process is more efficient, faster and more professional than government run centres. It is also far less costly and stressful than litigation.

Vanessa also ensures that there will be no waiting list for an initial appointment.

Her approach is backed by her many years of experience and her objective is always to reach mutually acceptable agreements for all parties in a neutral and non-confrontational manner. Vanessa focuses on achieving the best possible outcomes for all parties involved in the fastest way possible to limit stress and ensure positive progress at all times. When the matter relates to post separation parenting, Vanessa ensures that all discussions focus on the best interests of the children.

photo of man wearing suit pointing at scales of justice
  • 12 years experience

  • Efficient

  • Fast

  • Professional

  • Less Costly

  • No waiting list

  • Section 60I Certificates

  • Focus on achieving the best possible outcomes for all parties

  • Assisting in Financial Settlements


At Vanessa Simon Mediation, we cater the process to the needs of each client. As a highly experienced mediator, Vanessa is able to deal sensitively with cases that involve domestic violence, allowing for shuttle mediation (mediation in separate rooms) and staggered arrival and departure times. Having worked with family lawyers over the last 12 years, we are able to guide clients to reputable law firms should they require legal advice.